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i don't think i'll find the love i want, the love i'm searching for, in this machine oh.

Goddess Of Love

yes, goddess of love is a song by the Space Twins, which is Brian Bell's [most of you know him from Weezer] side project band. Goat Punishment is Weezer's alias, whereas they play Nirvana and Oasis covers, and if you're lucky, a B-side or two. Most of their shows took place at the Lava Lounge, where they shoot off a wigged-out blast of lust gone oh-so-wrong, hip-thrusting, psycho-hoodoo, crotch-grinding, raw and untamed, baddest-of-the-bad-meaning-good, geek-rock awesomeness. oh hell yes. it all goes together beautifully.

el hombre

Señoras y caballeros, se presenta El Hombre. El Hombre es un macho muy guapo y amigo de todos. Se dice que es un gaucho extraudonario de apetitos grandes, y quiere probar de su fruta prohibida. "Tranquillo linda," el dice. "No me recalento. Uno momento, por favor." "¡Ahhh yahhh yahhh!" ella chilla. "¡Me duele las nalgas!" "Si. Me duele la muela, tambien. Gracias." Este noche, Ricky Martin esta livin la vida loca. Si es lista y hermosa y, como Jennifer Lopez, tienes nalgas maravillosas. Usufructuas este sitio muchas veces, y comes un burrito grande... ¡ándale!

Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Rose

pretty damn simple this is. nav bar on top. this site is still in the process of being made, in the meantime, i'm getting down to the business of getting down send me an email for questions and comments at love letters and death threats welcome.

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