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welcome to The Hub.

124 E. Commonwealth

the buzz is everywhere. on the lips of the drive-through lady as she casually hands you your bagful of Double-Doubles; on the personalized license plate of the car in front of you; in your alphabet soup. You swear you can make out the name in the patterns of your popcorn ceiling as you lie in bed on weekend mornings; and in your bowl of Rice Krispy's, it crackles and pops in hieroglyphic messages. When friends come up to you, you find yourself finishing their sentences for them, correctly assuming each time what they’re gonna blurt: "Hey, have you heard of this place called—"
--The Hub?

gonna do it right

The Hub is this snazzy little coffee joint in Downtown Fullerton where locals unite to listen to local OC bands sling the supremely-loud-that-they-literally-shook-the-dust-off- the-record-shop’s-rafters vibe, that fires off desperate, high-energy chords and can rock like Iggy Pop fronting Fugazi. Or the punk rock being played as it should, raw, harsh and without compromise. A lot of bands started out doing free shows at The Hub, such as Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, No Doubt, you know..all the conglomerate ska bands. Yet, buzz bands like Square, Peepshot, The John Wilkes Kissing Booth, Busstop Hurricanes, Supernovice, Havalina Rail Co., Throw Rag, Smile, Third Grade Teacher, the Killingtons, Mention, Lo-Fi Champion, Bourbon Jones, and the Dibs make the locals sit back and think, thank god we're not all ska bitches.